Live weather background

If you want your desktop background to be usefull, checkout this image. By watching regularly LiveWB composite sattelite images, you may observe more details about weather and soon you will be able to make a prediction for the next day. There is a set of preconfigured image arrangements and you can create your own arrangement including the images you like.

How does it work

EUMETSAT and/or NOAA are providing the meteorological satellite images. LiveWB downloads selected images from meteosat or GOES to the local computer and creates a custom composite image. LiveWB knows how often each type of image is updated and it also knows when there is a maximized window. So, it downloads and creates a new composite image ONLY when a new image exists AND there are no maximized windows. This is a smart way to respect remote resources, as most of the time a linux hacker is working on a maximized window and thus a background update is not needed. A nice effect is that if there is a maximized window for long enough and you close it (or restore to smaller size) the background image updates within few seconds.

Credits, Copyright

This application is developed in a Debian GNU/Linux system using Free and open-source software (FOSS) and it is licenced under GNU GPLv3.
Images used on this website are "copyright 2016 EUMETSAT".